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Alan Wilder’s bespoke stage clothing


Items 050 :

Alan Wilder’s bespoke stage clothing collection
15 x individually designed garments for DM’s ‘Devotional’ tour.
Condition : Excellent
Dates from : 1993/94

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Item 050 – A :
Black nylon rivet belt with standard buckle
Length : 92 cm

Item 050 – B :
Black nylon rivet belt
Length : 108 cm

Item 050 – C :
Black sleeveless transparent mesh top
One diagonal chrome zip, diagonal nylon stripes, chrome details

Item 050 – D :
Black sleeveless cotton top
Diagonal, criss-cross leather and nylon stripes / piping

Item 050 – E :
Black cotton top with detachable sleeves
Vertical chrome zip design on the front, with zip on the side of one sleeve, smaller zip detail on other sleeve

Item 050 – F :
Black v-neck nylon jacket
Detachable sleeves, black zips and white seams (as seen in ‘Devotional’ film)

Item 050 – G :
Black / blue v-neck nylon jacket
Black mesh detail, detachable sleeves, black and bronze zips and white seams (as seen in ‘Devotional’ film)

Item 050 – H :
Green ‘parachute’ silk trousers
Detachable legs, chrome zips and black mesh detail (Alan’s favourite pair!)

Item 050 – I :
Black cotton top with chrome zip design
Detachable sleeves. 8 zips in total

Item 050 – J :
Black ‘parachute’ silk boiler suit
Detachable sleeves, chrome zips, leather belt straps, chrome buckles, silver metallic and black mesh detail

Item 050 – K :
Black ‘parachute’ silk trousers
5 ‘popper’ buttons, 6 chrome zips, 5 nylon straps on each leg, chrome and black mesh detail, white seams

Item 050 – L :
Black v-neck nylon jacket with silver silk detail
Bronze zips, black mesh detail, white seams

Item 050 – M :
Silver metallic top
Detachable sleeves, chrome zips and nylon criss-cross stripes / piping

Item 050 – N :
Chrome zip / black cotton sleeveless top

Item 050 – O :
2 x spare attachable sleeves
Green ‘parachute’ silk, chrome zips, black mesh detail. Black/blue nylon, silver mesh

Item 050 – P :
Black zipped top with rings
Detachable sleeves, chrome zip, rings on main body and arms

Item 050 – Q :
Stretch 3 zipper sleeveless black top
3 x large chrome zips. Material is elasticated.