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Items 028 :

Emulator II – 8 bit sampler keyboard
Model 6028 with 512kb memory upgrade (dual bank swap)
Set of Recoil/DM performance floppy discs
Large sample library collections (total 121 discs).

Serial number : 1099
Condition : Fully working & recently serviced by James Walker (Vintage Synth Service Centre) & Paul Nash
Visually very good with brand new LCD display fitted
Includes : Power supply cable, case with 121 floppies
Manufactured by Emu systems Inc, USA

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Details :

Included with the E11 are 101 x 5.25” floppy discs, each containing unique library samples, original Recoil & DM patches plus much more. These are quite special although the disks are in a fairly fragile state due to age. We tested them and found 36 which would read. From these, almost 200 individual ‘unmapped’ samples (or voices in Emu speak) exist – ranging from short samples through to more obvious (bring a smile to your face) DM / Recoil classics.

The most interesting discs are confirmed to be working. One is called ‘Christmas Island’ and contains samples used on the DM single, as demonstrated in Alan’s infamous Youtube clip from the ‘80s. We also successfully tested a disc called ‘Recoil 4’ with loops from early Recoil recordings, and one called ‘Shake The Disease’.

Also now included are 20 new ‘Best of’ 5.25” floppies which are safer to load (no potential drive damage). These include a mixture of classic Emulator II factory samples, duplicated ‘safety copies’ from the most interesting of the 101 discs mentioned above, plus re-sampled Emax banks from the ‘Music For The Masses’ tour. ALL will play in the E11. Full details below :

1 -10 : Emu Factory samples, including Grand Piano, Marcato Strings, Acoustic Guitar, Choir etc.
11 : ‘Christmas Island’ (safety copy)
12 : ‘Recoil 4’ (safety copy)
13 : ‘Shake The Disease’ (safety copy)
14 : ‘Black Celebration’ (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
15 : ‘Master & Servant’ (re-sampled from Emax zip set & SGR album)
16 : ‘Question Of Time’ (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
17 : ‘Blasphemous Rumours’ (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
18 : ‘Stripped’ (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
19 : ‘Pipeline’ (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
20 : ‘Behind The Wheel’ (re-sampled from Emax zip set)